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Domicile (Ii) (2015)

Oh, an alien on the run from his ain people, lands on basis too makes friends amongst the adventurous Tip, who is on a shout for of her own.


Tim Johnson


Tom J. Astle , Matt Ember


Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin



When Oh, a loveable misfit from around other planet, lands on basis too finds himself on the run from his ain people, he forms an unlikely friendship amongst an adventurous daughter named Tip who is on a shout for of her own. Through a serial of comic adventures amongst Tip, Oh comes to empathise that beingness different too making mistakes is all business office of beingness human. And piece he changes her planet too she changes his world, they discovery the truthful important of the discussion HOME.

Release Date: 27 March 2015 (USA)

Box Office

Budget: $135,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $52,107,731 (USA) (27 March 2015)

Gross: $171,919,512 (USA) (5 June 2015)


One of the funniest Animation movies this twelvemonth too thence far, The plot is vibrant too storey is too thence fresh too funny, at that topographic point are a lot of balanced comedy too of emotional scenes, the writers did a slap-up chore on the screenplay (worked earlier on Get Smart too Epic) amongst multi funny scenes too amount of extrinsic too adventitious jokes. The events flowing smoothly inwards the painting too when you lot start recall the troubles are over good it appears it even too thence far from it.

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