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No Escape (I) (2015)

In their novel overseas home, an American household unit of measurement presently finds themselves caught inward the middle of a coup, together with they frantically expect for a rubber escape inward an surround where foreigners are beingness instantly executed.


John Erick Dowdle


John Erick Dowdle, Drew Dowdle


Lake Bell, Pierce Brosnan, Owen Wilson


When Jack (Owen Wilson) finds an chance to become to Malaysia to caput his H2O manufacturing company's novel found there, he instantly jumps at the chance together with moves his household unit of measurement there. When they larn there; they appear to hold upward having problems, the electronics don't operate together with rarely whatever cars are seen inward the streets. When he goes to the marketplace position the side yesteryear side morning, he finds himself caught inward the middle of a vehement rebellion headed yesteryear armed rebels executing foreigners. Jack must larn dorsum to the hotel together with amongst the assistance of a mysterious British "tourist" (Pierce Brosnan), must larn his household unit of measurement to the American Embassy inward the midst of the chaos. But is at that topographic point whatever escape?

Release Date:

26 August 2015 (USA)

Box Office

Gross: $1,179,112 (USA) (26 August 2015)


No Escape directed yesteryear John Erick is a scary reality. Imagine a white American household unit of measurement moving to a tertiary basis province for a project together with the household unit of measurement is surrounded yesteryear people of a unlike civilisation together with language. And together with thus the locals loathe the Americans for disrupting their economic scheme together with desire blood for water. This is what happens to Dwyer household unit of measurement headed yesteryear Owen Wilson every bit Jack, married adult woman Annie (role played real good yesteryear Lake Bell) together with their two cute daughters Lucy(Sterling Jerins) together with Beeze ( Claire Geare from Dream House).

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