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X-Men: Days Of Hereafter By (2014)

The X-Men post Wolverine to the by inwards a desperate try to alter history in addition to foreclose an trial that results inwards doom for both humans in addition to mutants.


Bryan Singer


Simon Kinberg , Jane Goldman


Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman



Sentinels, robots that were created for the work of hunting downward mutants were released inwards 1973. l years later on the Sentinels would too hunt humans who assistance mutants. Charles Xavier in addition to his X-Men evidence their best to bargain amongst the Sentinels precisely they are able to conform in addition to bargain amongst all mutant abilities. Charles decides to become dorsum inwards fourth dimension in addition to alter things. He asks Kitty Pryde who tin post a person's consciousness into the person's by to post him precisely she tin solely post someone dorsum a few weeks because if she sends someone dorsum farther it could terms them. So Logan decides to become dorsum himself because he powerfulness hold out able to withstand it. So Charles tells him that it's Mystique who's responsible because when she learned near the Sentinels she sought out Bolivar Trask the homo who created them in addition to killed him. She would hold out caught in addition to studied in addition to her powerfulness to alter was somehow added to the Sentinels which is why they tin adapt. Logan must become to the younger Charles in addition to inquire him to help; job is...

Release Date:

23 May 2014 (USA)

Box Office

Budget: $200,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $111,000,000 (USA) (23 May 2014)

Gross: $233,914,986 (USA) (3 Oct 2014)


The Parisian premiere was yesterday in addition to therefore, I genuinely did run across the painting present in addition to allow me country yous this: all the waiting in addition to fuss to a greater extent than or less this painting present is good worth it in addition to good deserved. It is a swell movie, easily relatable inwards many ways.

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